Arizona Tackles Human Trafficking

According to some estimates, nearly 300,000 American children fall victim to commercial sexual exploitation, or what's commonly referred to as human sex trafficking, each year. Sadly, most of these victims are not discovered unless they are arrested for prostitution. In Arizona, several groups are working with legislators to bring awareness to human trafficking. Unfortunately, their efforts are being challenged by members of law enforcement officials and the general public, both of which too often see the victims as perpetrators. Read the story about what groups in Arizona are doing to raise awareness here. And, be sure to read the comments which follow the story to see just how much work we need to do to educate the public about the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Then, let us know your thoughts. What can we do as a society to let people know that this horrible crime exists and that it's not a race or class issue, but a human issue? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and let's put our heads together to find a viable solution.