Google Donating Big Bucks to Fight Modern Slavery

What Google is doing is absolutely huge and necessary and we should applaud their leadership and effort. It is my hope that more companies will become inspired to become involved in similar efforts that raise awareness and engage people from around the world to act to stop the demand for forced labor and the sexual exploitation of adults and children and to wholeheartedly assist those who are victims. I hope that this new partner in the fight against what is being referred to as modern-day slavery will also help shine a very bright spotlight on our own American children who too are victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. Our young American daughters who are lured, forced or coerced into prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation are often brutalized and traumatized and are bought and sold, rented and raped for profit in communities we often call home.

I ask all who read the Google article and our thoughts regarding this amazing funding announcement to join us with your prayers, talents and resources to make a difference in the world and also here at home for our own daughters and sons.

They too need and deserve big and powerful individuals, churches and companies to stand up and speak up on their behalf. Because they too matter. They too need us. They too are our children. Let us provide safe refuge, rehabilitative and restorative services for them. Let us be their hope. – Lisa Williams

Read the USA Today article on Google's donation here.