Graduate from Living Water Learning Resource Center speaks to thousands at Ebenezer Baptist Church

Atlanta, GA DeAsia became involved with Living Water for Girls at 14. She is now 18. On Sunday, July 20, 2014 she delivered our graduation address at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Time stood still.

Sunday, July 20, 2014 was a special day at Ebenezer Baptist Church’s TODAY'S WOMEN'S DAY WORSHIP service. A highlight of the worship service was a mini-graduation ceremony for five young women who had been victimized by violence, street life, or human sex trafficking but have now transformed their pain into power, receiving GED's, pursuing post-secondary education, moving from victim to victor! 

Ebenezer Baptist Church wanted to include this breakthrough ceremony at this year’s Women’s Day Event. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate and see the versatility and wholeness of women. The congregation witnessed a celebration of women’s strength; women’s ability to interpret and teach from the sacred text and women’s ability connect with those gathered in a powerful way.

Highlights of the ceremony were felt as the congregation became one around the theme of this service, “Hannah rose…” based on a passage of Scripture in 1 Samuel 1:9. Members and visitors walked in as individuals, as women, men, ushers, pastors, deacons, choir members, dancers, but left the building centered as one. 

Says Kevonna Nathaniel, observer of the service: “Due to the location of the graduation, we felt the Lord’s presence. Both worship and encouragement filled the church.