Lisa Williams: One of the Top 25 Women of Atlanta

Rolling out held its sixth annual Female Success Factor Top 25 Women of Atlanta awards dinner at the chic Twelve Hotel in Atlanta on Thursday, October 2o. Lisa Williams was invited to attend the Top 25 Women of Atlanta not as a guest, but as a honoree for the strides she has made in rescuing, rehabilitating and healing America's children. Lisa was in the company of several powerful women ranging from presidents of colleges to  mayors and entrepreneurs. As the night began Lisa mingled with the a few honorees as well as individuals from the company hosting the evening, Steed Media Group.

As the night carried on dinner was served, artists performed and the Top 25 women of Atlanta were honored. Lisa gracefully accepted the presented award. After the ceremony concluded, Lisa spoke with the other women about forging relationships that could not only benefit Atlanta, but the nation.