Safe Harbor/Rachel's Law important announcement from Lisa Williams


Dear Friends and Beloved Community-

Please join us as we watch Governor Deal sign Senate Bill 8, Safe Harbor/Rachel's Law, on May 5th at 9:30 am on the North Wing Capitol steps. We will stand behind the Governor on the steps to witness this historic moment for the children of Georgia!

I ask that you come early to allow enough time to park, go through security, and to gather on the North Wing Capitol steps on the second (2nd) floor by 8:45am. Rachel is looking forward to seeing and thanking you all personally.

On behalf of Rachel and all of the children who have been entrusted into our care over the past 8 years, please accept my heartfelt thank you for your steadfast support of this legislation, tireless activism, loving community, and for always believing that our children in Georgia deserve more. Because of the community’s collective efforts, on May 5, 2015, our children will get more. More protection. More services. More opportunity for hope.

I am forever thankful for the leadership of our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, supporters, collaborative partnerships and beloved community for showing up and standing up for our most vulnerable citizens—our children.

Without you, none of this historic legislation and changes to Georgia law would be occurring. The collective efforts of community have paved a new road forward, strengthening how Georgia takes care of our most valuable resource— our children.

On behalf of Rachel, and all of the Rachels; and with sincere gratitude and joyous celebration, thank you.

Lisa Williams

Founder & CEO