Circle of Friends: Celebrating Life, Inc. was founded in the spirit of addressing unmet social needs. When our founding women came together more than 18 years ago, we decided to serve, educate, equip and empower women to help other women and girls. To further that commitment, we first developed and operated the Living Water for Women Residential Home. Realizing that there was only one safe-home for victimized girls east of the Mississippi River, Living Water for Girls was established for victims of child sex trafficking and exploitation. Today that scenario has changed with the opening of more quality care homes throughout the nation. With this evolving landscape, our focus has changed to address the social determinants that render children susceptible to sex trafficking.

While exploited girls now have more viable therapeutic residential options, vulnerable girls and their families still lack education and resources to prevent them from being lured into what is often referred to as human trafficking. Over the course of our years in service, we've successfully identified common risk factors and threats to girls which render them targets of traffickers - pimps and predators. To that end, we now focus our efforts on protective and preventative care - working in collaboration with community partners to provide the necessary resources and services to girls before they are ever bought or sold for the first time.

Our training is designed to provide the correct tools and resources to help in the identification of girls and young women who are at-risk for sex trafficking and exploitation without stigmatizing or traumatizing them.

The work that we are doing is transformational. It is rooted in education, trauma informed care, years of direct services and aftercare experience and advocacy. We are leveraging the power of technology with unprecedented scalability, which opens access to protective and preventative education for those who work within the healthcare and education community. Through Circle of Friends Protective and Preventative Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Training and our newly announced Circle of Friends Impact Scholarship, we will reach even more girls through early identification and detection.

Our headquarters and presence are firmly rooted in Georgia, the home state of our legislative victory, Rachel's Law, and we are proud of that fact. We are also pleased to announce the establishment of our presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. Your continued support and partnership allows Circle of Friends to broaden its reach and its impact. 

Our work at Circle of Friends is coming full circle. Together, we have made much progress - unleashing hope and uniting humanity. And, together, we will transform lives - ensuring that all children are cherished, protected and unharmed by exploitation.

Yours for a future free from human trafficking that embraces human dignity. - Lisa Williams

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