Our Goal

The Living Water Learning Resource Campus Collaborative's* goal is to help young women create their own dynamic life vision and achieve success in their educational and vocational endeavors. Five presidents of area colleges and other professionals have come together to ensure a wide range of choices for these young ladies.

Only through such strategic alliances among leaders in academia, government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector will the young women we serve be able to acquire the necessary education and skills to earn a living wage, peruse advance degrees, and build sustainable futures.

The Collaborative concentrates its efforts on serving, equipping and empowering survivors of violence, sexual trauma and sex trafficking . . . to heal, dream, secure safety in their persons, access quality education and therapeutic care, and achieve self-sufficiency and financial stability while leveraging community accountability and transformative justice.

For more information about learning opportunities and enrollment contact us at admission-info@cofcl.org.

*The Living Water Learning Resource Center has been transformed into the Living Water Learning Resource Campus Collaborative.

Our Initiative

strategically empowers young women to set goals, pursue them, and achieve them through educational and vocational training. Students have access to educators, counselors, practitioners, mentors, and tutors in a safe, supportive space.  This allows them to heal from their pasts, participate fully in the present moment, and make wise plans for the future. The Learning Resource Campus Collaborative (LRC) offers students the opportunity to

  • earn a GED or high school diploma
  • prepare for the COMPASS college placement test
  • choose a rewarding career path
  • apply for college and/or vocational training programs
  • apply for Circle of Friends scholarships and other sources of financial aid
  • build entrepreneurial and networking skills
  • learn skills necessary to find and keep a steady job
  • continue to grow and develop as an empowered, self-reliant woman


Our Staff

  • Be a female, age 16 and older
  • Have experienced life challenges, violence, street life, sex trafficking or exploitation
  • Participate in the application and screening process
  • Actively commit to personal and academic growth
  • Have functional use of the English Language

The Living Water Center and The Learning Resource Campus Collaborative staff and consultants have professional training and practical experience in the treatment of needs specific to victims of violence, street life and sex trafficking. These needs include general and trauma focused psychotherapy, addiction recovery counseling, medical assessment, education and independent living skills.