Lisa C. Williams

Lisa C. Williams

It is with a sincere heart that I welcome you to the Circle of Friends Impact Scholarship Mentor Program. As Mentors, we will have the privilege of safeguarding the dreams, hopes and academic desires of young women across America who are looking to us and expecting us to nurture them into successful scholars. I can't help but feel that there is something so sacred and affirming by us coming together for this most important journey.

It is my great hope that you will cherish and protect the mentoring relationship: to connect with her as a woman, to provide counsel for her academics and to care for her spirit. To help her get to a place in life that she doesn't even know she needs to go. Only a mentor can do that.

We have taken great consideration and care with our ask, because we understand the responsibility that comes with saying yes to such an important opportunity. So before you answer,  take the time necessary, carefully considering the ask and let us know if you're ready to be a part of this amazing life journey.

Please click the link at the bottom of the page and take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Circle of Friends Impact Scholarship and those that we serve.

Also please make a note of the important dates below:

·       September 12, 2017 - Application Period Opens

·       December 12, 2017- Scholarship Application Deadline

·       January 11, 2018 - Selection Committee Meeting Day (Location TBD)

·       March 8, 2017 - Scholarship Decisions Released

·       June 9, 2018 - Scholarship Award Event

·       Fall 2018 – Mentorship Assignment


With joyous anticipation,

Lisa C. Williams
Founder & President Circle of Friends: Celebrating Life, Inc.
Circle of Friends Impact Scholarship Mentor Program