The CNN Special Report

Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking, airs Tuesday, July 21st, at 9pmEST/PST. It is an hour-long special report, produced by CNN that takes an intimate look at the human trafficking industry in the United State through the stories of children caught in the web and those fighting back against this form of modern-day slavery. Several of the courageous girls featured in the CNN Special Report Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking are recent graduates of the Circle of Friends: Living Water for Girls program.


Hosting the party 

We invite you to host a viewing party to discuss with your family, friends and colleagues the success stories you have witnessed. Communicate what you will do now that you have viewed this documentary. Consider sharing your narrative via short videos, tweets, Instagram photo/message, Facebook posts, op-eds or interviews. Use #IamRachel when posting, uniting our purpose, stories and collective voice in combatting trafficking.


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