RACHEL'S LAW is official!

This law wouldn't have passed without fellow Georgian's uniting for the future of our children. We celebrate with you this day, this new year.

Key Provisions of SR7, Rachels' Law

  • Requires the development of a statewide plan for the coordinated delivery of services to sexually exploited and trafficked children.
  • Establishes a Sexually Exploited Children Fund Commission using fines from convicted traffickers.
  • Improves the legal standing of youth who have been identified as sex trafficking victims.
  • Extends the statute of limitations for the victims of child sex trafficking to file civil actions against their traffickers to age 25.
  • Expands forfeiture and seizure laws related to sex trafficking and related offenses– allowing any proceeds from trafficking, and the vehicles operated by a person who is guilty of trafficking, to be subject to forfeiture to the state.
  • Amends the State Sexual Offender Registry to now include convicted offenders of trafficking a person for sexual servitude.