Constitutional Amendment 2- SR7 passed overwhelmingly and officially became
Rachel’s Law on January 1, 2017!


Rachel is a proud graduate of Circle of Friends: Living Water Learning Resource Center and its first ambassador of the I’m Rachel’s initiative. Rachel, firmly supported, bravely advocated, lending her name, face, and witness to Safe Harbor Rachel’s Law Act / Senate Resolution (SR) 7 to help protect, change and empower lives.

Rachel’s story tells us that we can make a difference in the lives of others. With a poise and courage beyond her years, Rachel challenged each one of us to be bold and speak out in support of the decriminalization of Georgia’s child victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation. In 2015, “I am Rachel” became the rallying cry for hundreds of advocates in support of Senate Bill 8 – Safe Harbor/Rachel’s Law Act.

In fact, Rachel’s Law was more than a bill…it became a movement. In her own voice, in Seventeen Magazine and as retold in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Elle Magazine and now Good Housekeeping, Rachel recounts the experiences that led her to the State Capitol as a champion for all child sex trafficking victim-survivors.

And the movement continues…



Thank you to all who supported this community and legislative work to make a difference in the lives of Georgia's children - THANK YOU!

Click on the image to read Rachel's letter to all of you.