To keep a Scholarship, the recipient must adhere to the following:

  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  • Attend 95% of the classes and labs for which the Recipient will be enrolled in the up-coming course period.
  • Provide COFCL with the Recipient’s official transcript within three (3) days of the grades being released/posted to the Recipient’s online portal (or equivalent) following each course period.
  • Submit to random substance abuse testing by COFCL and commit to not engage in the use of any illegal substances.
  • Communicate at least monthly with the Recipient’s mentor, who is to be appointed to the Recipient by COFCL, upon her acceptance of the Scholarship. 
  • Sign in monthly to review the latest Impact Video and/or information.
  • Set a positive example for other young women and girls, both on and off campus and agree to not engage in any illegal activities. 
  • Participate in a mentor approved community project that improves the lives of young women and girls for a minimum of four (4) hours every three (3) months.

To receive proper payment of her Scholarship, recipient is responsible for strictly complying with the following:

  • Within five (5) days of accepting this Scholarship and executing this Agreement, the Recipient must send a letter of thanks to the Scholarship Selection Committee along with a brief explanation of how she identifies with the Scholarship she has been awarded as well as how the Scholarship will help her achieve her goals and impact her life.
  • Contact the registrar’s office at the Recipient’s college/university to ensure all registration and other deadlines are adhered to and that any paperwork required by the registrar’s office is completed by either the Recipient or COFCL, as applicable.
  • Notify COFCL promptly upon the completion of registration of classes for the upcoming course period.
  • Notify COFCL prior to the upcoming fall course period of the current year if she plans to attend the summer course period the following summer so that the Scholarship may be divided to include the summer course period as well.
  • Recipient understands it is Recipient’s responsibility to complete her registration in a timely manner in order to avoid late registration penalties, and that if these procedures are not followed, any penalties incurred due to late registration cannot be paid with Scholarship funds.  Further, COFCL reserves the right to withhold payment of all or any portion of the Scholarship if these procedures are not followed.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us.