Our Mission

To assist girls and young women survivors of violence, street life, and human trafficking in their efforts to pursue educational endeavors and acquire skills to become self-sufficient.


Our Initiatives


The Living Water Center is a survivor—driven safe space and strategic initiative for girls and young women, and mothers of girls, who have been victimized by violence, sexual trauma or sex trafficking. 



The Living Water Learning Resource Campus Collaborative is a strong collaboration with colleges, community organizations, houses of worship, businesses and individuals.


The Problem

The Issue

American children are at risk of being lured, tricked, coerced or forced into the world of sex trafficking.

Atlanta has been identified by the FBI as one of the top 14 cities for child sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking is a billion dollar a year business.

The Trafficker




Teenage boys and girls

The trafficker, also known as a pimp, can be a man, a woman or even a teenager-- anyone who determines to profit from the sell or exploitation of another person.

The Buyers

Are men of all ethnicities, cultures, religious backgrounds, and social economic status.

Are grandfathers, uncles, fathers, brothers, nephews, sons and employers.

Are those who often have an entitlement attitude and demeanor.


Who It Affects

  • Any child or young person
    • Average age of entry for girls is 12-14
    • Average age of entry for boys is 11-13
    • College age girls 
  • Those interested in modeling and being featured in videos
  • Children who are victims of abuse or neglect
  • Children with low self-esteem
  • Children who seek attention
  • Homeless, runaway, throwaways, and walkaways
  • Children who are affiliated with gangs
  • Children who are abusing or have a substance problem
  • Unsupervised children with access to the Internet via computer, tablet, cell phone or video games with chat rooms

Our Solution

  • The Living Water Center - a safe place for healing, restoration and family reunification
  • The Living Water Learning Resource Campus Collaborative – a place where the community comes together to provide GED/High School education, vocational training, leadership development, and college preparation
  • Therapeutic services, mentoring, financial literacy, community service involvement, and case management